Food For Thought

If there’s one topic I have to be careful about bringing up with clients, it’s food. Gastronomic speak has the potential of affecting my focus on the massage as my thoughts waft through sweet and savory treats alike. However, it can also breed close bonds with my clients, so the reward is frequently worth the risk.

Often times, the subject of food doesn’t even come up, but when it does, it can take center stage. There’s one client I had recently where we went five session without even a mention of a local grub spot, but on the sixth, I opened the door by telling her I’d baked cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday.

“I didn’t know you baked! What did they taste like?” she asked. The quintessential invitation for a conversation from one foodie to another.

As a general rule, I may bring up a topic, but I sure as heck don’t continue with it if my client shows no interest. Lots of interest was on display as she fired away questions we foodies are delighted to hear. A whole new side of her I hadn’t connected to before was revealing itself.

What started as big smiles quickly turned into pure giddiness once we realized the depth of our gastronomic game. Not that our previous sessions were boring or lackluster, but our common affinity for all things delectable connected us on a different level. From local hidden gems to favorite home cooked desserts, we covered the full gamut!

As I told her we were coming to the end of the session, “so soon” is what came out of her. We could easily have done with another half hours worth of session to wrap up our talk on best croissants in the city. We had it narrowed down to three.

We were both excited to see that I had an opening for a follow up appointment sooner than our usual rebook time. Discussions as gastro-focused as the one we had tend to pick up where they leave off and we both walked away looking forward to her return.